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GTI Cannulas

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A specially designed single-use GTI Cannula® for precise control through higher density and fibrotic tissue, for the subcision of minor facial surface defects.

1. The Grooved Tipped Injection Cannula is designed to move safely through higher density & fibrotic tissue in the face.

2. Micro subcision of fibrous strands.

3. Fibrous strands are released.

4. Injection of dermal filler to fill the void upon cannula withdrawal.

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All hub colours comply with ISO6009.

  • 30G Yellow
  • 27G Grey
  • 26G Brown
  • 25G Orange
  • 24G Purple
  • 23G Blue
  • 22G Black
  • 21G Green
  • 20G Yellow
  • 19G Cream
  • 18G Pink
  • 16G White