Single-use Ophthalmic and Aesthetic Medical Devices

Grooved Tipped Injection Cannulas (GTI Cannula®)

A specially designed single-use GTI Cannula® for precise control through higher density and fibrotic tissue, for the subcision of minor facial surface defects

  • Revolutionary cannula design with a grooved tip
  • Better operational control through higher density and fibrotic tissue
  • Elegant design to optimise subcision without damaging critical bodies or vessels
  • Safer than a needle
  • Single use
  • Polycarbonate, screw-hub cannulas - compatible with all filler syringes
  • Fully compatible with all types of filler syringes
  • Highest quality packaging maintains the integrity of cannulas at all times
  • Manufactured by Sterimedix in the UK

  1. The Grooved Tipped Injection Cannula is designed to move safely through higher density & fibrotic tissue in the face.
  2. Micro subcision of fibrous strands.
  3. Fibrous strands are released.
  4. Injection of dermal filler to fill the void upon cannula withdrawal.
GTI Cannula® (Amar) + 23g pre-hole needle.Ultra thin wallView Details
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